Marketable College Courses You Can Enroll for In 2020

- December 03, 2020
Africa is facing a youth unemployment , with a population ready to revolutionize the systems. With several universities and colleges which offer training in more than 100 unique courses, it’s time to realize which courses are best for the job market and those which should be avoided.
The following are the most marketable courses in 2019

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of commerce is one of the best courses in the world. It gives an individual opportunity to specialize in Accounting, Finance or marketing so as to perform duties related to their area of specialization. Many employers are looking for graduates with these skills.


Electrical and electronics engineering will continue to be marketable as long as industries dealing with oil and energy exist.
The beauty of studying the course is that there are numerous opportunities in the country. The salaries are also cool. Also starting salaries are higher than for other graduates.
Engineering profession has attractive salary especially if your area of bias is towards computer science and oil & gas engineering; the demand for these courses extremely high due to the small number of qualified professionals in the country.
These are courses which you should enroll for in Universities if you have resources. It has been established that more than 70 % of engineering graduates secure jobs in their first year of graduation


This is a course that is in high demand since there is a huge demand of nurses in the country and around the world. There has always been a shortage of nurses in public hospitals as the government looks for measure to cub this.
Nursing is not only marketable but is a course that gives one opportunity to serve humanity with humility and determination.
Though salaries for nurses are not high, job opportunities are numerous.

Front Office and Customer Care

Every office needs a front office person to welcome visitors. Pursuing Front Office course is a golden opportunity to join a field with several available job vacancies.
Bachelor of Medicine is the most marketable course in the world. It is also the most rewarding profession . As a doctor, you will work in environment where your brains reward you handsomely.

Human Resources

Several companies are setting up businesses in Dar es Salaam; they therefore require HR personnel to manage their human resources. As a young africans  who wants to have a better life, this is a golden opportunity to grab.


Unlike other countries in East Africa where education is not marketable, Tanzania has numerous opportunities for education experts. The course becomes even more marketable when an individual pursues foreign languages like French, Chinese, Germany and Italy.

International Relations

International Relations is a one of the courses which will enable you work in foreign embassies and NGOs. There are also many employers who need skills from these graduates.


Very few Tanzanians have pursued a course in Statistics but know from today that this course is extremely marketable.

Journalism and communication

Journalism remains the competitive college course , as well as the most dynamic and fast changing field especially where the digital world keeps on evolving.
The media is growing quite fast, and more people are seeking out the services of professionals in this field.
Although it is probably the most crowded of all fields, the competition remains quite fair, as your talent and hard work determine how far you get in this career path.
The rise of social media as a medium of passing information has widened even more the opportunities available in this field
Media companies are launched each and every year. As a journalist, you will have a chance to work for these institutions.

Web Design and Graphic Design

The world has moved onto social media that you should know by now. Every company, every business entity, every person is striving to have an Internet presence.
The internet is now where people meet, transact business, exchange ideas, and expand their social network. Having skills in creating and designing websites is big business. Not just in Tanzania, but across the world.

This list is according to our research from different sources , let us know other Maeketable courses  by adding your comment on the box below

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